Thursday, 4 May 2017

Introduction of QuickBooks

Introduction of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting Software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks Online Support products are mainly toward small and medium- size business and on premises offer accounting application as well as cloud based version. The accept business payment. Manage and pay bill, and pay roll function.

Intuit is an accounting and business company. The intuit company is main purpose of the well work of the business and accounting software. Intuit company’s main office in the Mountain view, California by Scott cock and Tom Proulx in 1988.

 QuickBooks point of using business to make the more reliable and easy of finance. I will use QUICKBOOKS software. QuickBooks software is a more reliable and maintain the accounting and financial report.
We are using the tool in the QuickBooks, the toolbar is the excel and micro web tools.
To Speed up and simplify your interaction. We are using the short key in the QuickBooks uses.
Ex:-  Create invoice(Ctrl-l), Find transaction(Ctrl-F), etc
We are using the 10 tips of the QuickBooks.
1-   Use shortcut keyword
2-   Customize icon bar
3-   Using the Quick math calculator
4-   Program preference
5-   Right click menus
6-   Cleaning the your chat account
7-   Better  track profile and use
8-   Export report
9-   Free support option(Intuit)
10-               Up to the cloud and back your data

Web based into a QuickBooks, Including the remote access capability in the QuickBooks features. The company also added the Excel Spreadsheet and additional employee time tracking option. It’s required a window operating system and window server to run the software.

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