Friday, 11 August 2017

Updates to the Payments APIs for QuickBooks Online

What is happening?

QuickBooks Online Payments API and QuickBooks Merchant Services Payments API that will require that the commerce and mobile indicators for all purchases made from a hand held device is set within the application. any purchase regardless if the card number is keyed in, swiped, or fetched from a pass through digital wallet like Apple Pay or a staged digital wallet like PayPal integration or Google Wallet.

How does this affect you?

1. QuickBooks online payment:- This Payments is making it easier and more cost effective for you and your clients to get paid faster. Our QBO Payments pricing structure in the following ways:-
ü An ACH Bank Transfer payment from $0.50 to Free.*
ü A client pays the invoice online, the ProAdvisor will be charged $2.75% + $0.25 per transaction. Previously, invoices paid online were assessed at the keyed rate at 2.9% + $.25.     

The estimated timing is mid-January. QBO Payments customer, you can call 855-441-4417 anytime, between now and when the pricing becomes available, to schedule your account update.
The new payment rates are available for new QBO Payments customers only though. Available for existing QBO Payments customers soon.

2.  QuickBooks Merchant Services:-  Quickbooks Merchant Services to our customers, By using QuickBooks, business owners can avoid using Intuit Merchant Services, resulting in lower operating costs and more payment possibilities.

Ø Key Processing Benefits:- QuickBooks merchant services through Transax enjoy a wide variety of perks, Because QuickBooks is managed by leading payment processing experts, its module simplifies the process of using QuickBooks for this purpose.

Ø Easy Remote Deposit Captures:- QuickBooks merchant services for converting checks and capturing remote deposits, After loading a check reader and scanning, the transaction is turned into an electronic transaction.  

Ø Fast Information Handling:- QuickBooks module makes information handling a breeze, Based in Microsoft Access, this utility is extremely handy for business owners familiar with the program. 

What do you need to do?

Go to the QuickBooks Developer sandbox and be sure to make sure the e commerce and mobile indicator flag is set if transactions come in from hand held devices. For a full explanation of the changes, please review the documentation.
Please contact QuickBooks Support phone number +1-855-441-4417 us with any questions or concerns.

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