Monday, 21 August 2017

Fix the Unrecoverable Error “XXXXX XXXXX” QB Encountered a problem and needs to close on Windows or Mac

Have you ever faced QuickBooks problem when all the normal troubleshooting techniques fails to work?

QuickBooks Software program make this process easy for non-accounting professional but in a while a glitch can leave you in guessing. One issue that can cause great frustration is the damaged or corrupt QuickBooks Payroll File. When it comes to manage the financial of a small or medium sized company then most of the business owners move with do-it myself mentality by handling their own books of Windows or Mac.  

Note: This error generally occurs when user try to create new company using Easy Step Interview.
Experts recommend many solutions for this problem. A corrupt file can be a headache for you, may be you can fix this issue with any of the below solution. To fix the issue follow every steps in the same order as given. may be the first solutions help you to solve your problem or may be you need to try all of them to fix the Unrecoverable Error.

Solution 1:-  First we click the Right click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon after this left click on Run as Admin. See if this step work for you, Now try to open the company file again.

Solution 2:- Open the QuickBooks Sample Company file
By opening the sample company file it will help you to identify the source of issue.

1:- QuickBooks till you see no company open window, Hit and hold CTRL while opening the QuickBooks.
2:- Try out the next solution and If you find the error again.
3:- Click on open a sample file button and select any of company files in list.

Solution 3:-  On computer file is placed check the following:-
Select the File menu and choose utilities> Host Multi-user access.

Did you find the error while opening the sample company file
The file is damaged, If you find the error while opening other data file then it is clear that QuickBooks program or installation of the files.

Solution 4: Re-register on your QuickBooks files
1:- First you close the QuickBooks.
2:- The QuickBooks files in the Windows, run reboot.bat to re-register.
3:- Reopen the QuickBooks and Restart computer.

Solution 5: Update the QuickBooks
QuickBooks to latest using Manual Updates instructions.

Solution 6: Create new shortcut
1:- Right-click on empty part of task bar and select Show the Desktop.
2:- Hit on Windows Start button and select All Programs.
3:- Your programs list hit and hold to select it, and drag it to desktop to create new shortcut icon.
4:- then you Double click on the new icon to open the QuickBooks.

Solution 7: Re-install your QuickBooks
Otherwise it is not working correctly then Uninstall and then re-install your QuickBooks and its related files.

Solution 8: Repair Microsoft .NET Framework
Then you Repair or re-install Microsoft .NET Framework.

Follow this steps or you can call us for specific troubleshooting steps to resolve the other possible causes of this error and our QuickBooks support phone number +1-855-441-4417.

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