Monday, 21 August 2017

How to recover QuickBooks Error code -6123, 0

We will discuss about one of the most occurring QuickBooks Error -6123,0. When we are updating a company file to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop or we are opening a company file over a network, In multi-user mode or while taking a backup from the QuickBooks then you see Error -6123,0.

Error 6123,0 is generally caused by so many reasons:

1:- The network connection problem.
2:- System firewall, other network settings are blocking, QuickBooks files from accessing the mandatory ports.
3:- The QuickBooks network data file(*.nd) is corrupt or missing.
4:- The host computer went into standby or hibernate mode, causing the connection to the company file to be disrupted.
5:- The company data file is corrupt.
6:- The QuickBooks installation files is corrupt.
7:- If you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and if you have a 3rd party Sybase 16 application then in this circumstance you must contact the provider of the 3rd party software for help or remove it entirely.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6123,0:

Now I will explain about the solutions through which you can resolve your problem

Ø First of all download the QuickBooks file Diagnostic tool to detect damage in your QuickBooks file.if it didn’t detect any error.
Ø Check firewall setting.
Ø Check for standby or hibernation mode on the host computer.
Ø Toggle hosting off and on at the host computer.
Ø Stop and restart the QuickBooks database service.
Ø Set the correct folder permissions on the host computer.
Ø Repair the QuickBooks installation.
Ø Uninstall and re install QuickBooks.
Ø Verify and rebuild the QuickBooks company data.
Ø check network data file by following below steps:

A. Right click the windows start button and click Explore.
B. Open your company file and right click the file with .nd extension.
C. Now rename it with .nd old.

If the above solution also didn’t solve then.

a. Open company file.
b. Go to file->Switch to single user mode.
c. Again file->Utilities->Stop hosting Multi-user access.
d. File->Utilities->Host Multi-user access.
e. File->Switch to multi-user mode.

Follow this steps or you can call us for specific troubleshooting steps to resolve the other possible causes of this error and our QuickBooks Enterprises support phone number +1-855-441-4417.

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